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Lighting Revit Cloud Rendering Scenes

Autodesk Revit’s cloud rendering service has several settings for lighting scenes. It seems to use HDRI lighting skydomes. By default, it has Native, which has similar lighting to how the rendering will result with the desktop Revit app. Other lighting options will result in dramatically different effects. Once an initial scene is rendered, one can […]

Enabling NVIDIA Graphics Instead of Intel Integrated Graphics on a Laptop

On a new laptop that was advertised as good for gaming, there came a splendid GeForce 940MX graphics processor. I installed the Autodesk Live Viewer app and at first it ran just as slowly as on my two-year-old non-gaming laptop. Turns out that some apps that one might like maximum graphics performance from do not […]

DWG Software

Just want to view a DWG quickly? I have found nothing better than DWG Viewer from Brava. (But the free version is being killed.) If you need editing and measuring, etc. DraftSight is free CAD software from Dassault. It requires registration, but it’s rather heavy-duty and the price is pretty good. Autodesk has some Free DWG viewing software. Last […]

Big Project Commandments

Last year I was working on a large, multi-phase, multi-discipline project at an architectural firm. These are some notes I took. Please consider this advice: Everybody, including people sending in RVTs from other disciplines, must have the same update release of Revit. The “Application Manager” that installs with Revit 2015 may falsely indicate that the […]

Turning artwork to mesh for import to Revit

This is a tutorial on making meshes for the Mesh Import app, which lets us bring meshes into Revit’s project environment. This is one way of making a mesh. The free online app, Tinkercad, lets one import an SVG and turn it into a solid. Tutorial Find or make an image and turn it into SVG format. is […]

Photogrammetry Mesh into Revit as Point Cloud

I made a photogrammetry mesh of a building facade in the free version of Recap 360 from about 50 images. It came out really well, even though all of the photos were taken from ground level. From there, I downloaded the files as a ZIP, which contains the mesh as OBJ. Its “materials” are also included, but using them […]