AI Revit Programming Coach

Chat with this bot about programming Revit with its API or Dynamo

Here is that bot on


This bot uses Cody trained on content from the website The Building Coder, Dynamo Forum, and other material on the subject found on the Web as of April 5, 2023. It uses GPT 3.5 with training data that are focused on programming Autodesk Revit.


Its lack of indenting can be fixed by telling it something like “show the code with “~” instead of spaces for the python indenting” — then doing find/replace in in an IDE.

IronPython in Dynamo may work better than CPython3.

Good video on the subject: How to use Chat GPT to Delete All Walls in a Revit Model (with Python)

Do not type anything private in the chat. It can be viewed by the bot creator, the bot service, and probably openai.