Getting Revit Background Building Massing From InfraWorks


In InfraWorks Click Model Builder Give address and zoom/pan to area of interest BIM 360 folders??? I don’t know if this is required. But I selected one. Create   Wait… When you get the email notification, Double-click the new project’s icon in InfraWorks Click tools icon Export 3D Model Choose filename and type FBX (Collada […]

How to Publish a Pano Tour with Enscape Renderings

There are two easy ways of making rendered pano tours out of Revit. One is to use Autodesk’s cloud rendering service. That method is explained my my post at . Another way is to use Enscape. Enscape is a real-time game engine addin for Revit that costs $47 per month. One of its features is making […]

Preparing Meshes for Import to Revit as DirectShape

statue-fixed in Reivt

This article answers the most common problem customers have when using my Mesh Import from OBJ files app. That app makes Revit elements that are called DirectShape from meshes. A DirectShape may only be made via Revit’s API or other programming methods, not its user interface. The data that may be contained in an OBJ […]

How to Make a Seamless Revit Rendering Texture from a Photo

Take a picture Crop picture. In this case, I chose a 1 x 1 ratio. (I like to use FastStone Image Viewer.) Save in a folder In this example we will start with “Dirt – Dark Brown” OOTB (non-advanced asset Revit 2019, regular asset Revit 2008-2018). The rendering looks like this. Meh Duplicate the material […]

Working With Revit 2019 Advanced Materials

The Revit renderer got an upgrade in version 2019. There are a bunch of new appearance parameters available. The 2008-2018 Materials are now called “Legacy Appearance Assets” in Revit jargon. Let’s Try To Figure This Out Make a scene, starting with the Architectural template. Put a Floor, Railing, Topo, Planting & Camera View. Or download […]

How To Make A Pano Tour From Revit

Make Camera View from where the center of the spherical rendering will be. I recommend 4 feet from floor for interiors. Test render, confirming lighting, materials, and exposure are correct. Up to Revit 2018, render settings Lighting & Background must be set for each new view, even if it was copied from another view. Select border […]

Converting Revit Panorama Renderings to Equirectangular Projection

Whereas some Web viewers for pano and spherical images require equirectangular projection, but Revit pano cloud rendering makes cube mapping, here is a way to convert those renderings. Make pano rendering from Revit How to… Download your rendering(s)… Extract <image.png> from the .zip Cut the image into six pieces One way to do it is to use […]