Converting Revit Panorama Renderings to Equirectangular Projection

Whereas some Web viewers for pano and spherical images require equirectangular projection, but Revit pano cloud rendering makes cube mapping, here is a way to convert those renderings.

Make pano rendering from Revit

How to…

Download your rendering(s)…

Extract <image.png> from the .zip

Cut the image into six pieces

One way to do it is to use

Make equirectangular projection from the six images


Drag-and-drop the six image files into the squares on the page thusly:

  1. Top = image_part_003.png
  2. Left = image_part_002.png
  3. Front = image_part_006.png
  4. Right = image_part_001.png
  5. Back = image_part_005.png
  6. Down = image_part_004.png

This took a while to figure out which image goes where…

Download the resulting TIF image and convert to JPG or PNG. Many ways to do that — I recommend FastStone Image Viewer. Lighting and other values can also be adjusted.

The resultant image may be used in on sites such as

Usage Example

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