In InfraWorks

Click Model Builder

Give address and zoom/pan to area of interest

BIM 360 folders??? I don’t know if this is required. But I selected one.




When you get the email notification,

Double-click the new project’s icon in InfraWorks

Click tools icon

Export 3D Model

Choose filename and type FBX

(Collada format can be exported, too, which works if you want to use Sketchup instead of 3DS Max, which I will use.)

In 3DS Max

Import the FBX

Export to DWG

If you want to delete the building that you are modeling in Revit:

Use this button to select

Use this button

Then you can select the geometry and hit the Delete key to delete

When the existing geometry is all deleted

Export to DWG

In Revit

Link CAD

Hint: to see it in 3D better, turn on ambient shadows in the view


Hint: A way to have it off by default in Views is to put it in a Workset that is off by default


See model at


  1. Hi,

    would this type of model in Revit be visible in Enscape?
    With other words: is it a cloudpoint based model in Revit or an actual geometry?


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