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Someone has shared a very nice color picker utility called Colorette, which was written in AutoHotKey. The app description is at . GitHub . For an example of how to use Colorette with Revit, make an EXE from the AHK code and […]

Revit 101 June 13, 2011, 4pm  We will explore views, sheets, details, and printing. Revit Learning Club June 13, 2011, 6:15pm The inspiration is this roof detail from a website about keeping water out of a building:Here it is, interpreted in […]

I mentioned and demonstrated the use of this feature tonight. A post on Revit’s Wikihelp site shows a good example. See It also helpfully shows which categories can be cut.

Who wants to learn how to do this? It’s a walkthrough of how I imagine the Paula Rego Museum gallery might look like.

These videos can help you review some of the subjects covered tonight: YouTube – Easy Revit (2010) – 32.1 – Topography (Part One) YouTube – Easy Revit (2010) – 32.2 – Topography (Part Two) YouTube […]

One can turn on a 3D Section Box in perspective views. It’s in the View’s Properties. A trick is then to use the View Cube to get an overall view, manipulate the Section Box’s extents,  […]

Autodesk have published many tutorial videos at: Look for the ones with titles like Step00/14-Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011-English Tutorial1/3 Data sets may be found at

It’s very useful when using Revit. Changing case, and holding a list of clips are the features I use the most. Revit’s spell checker is limited, so if you need to spellcheck the names of […]

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