It’s very useful when using Revit. Changing case, and holding a list of clips are the features I use the most. Revit’s spell checker is limited, so if you need to spellcheck the names of views or such, this utility can help. From its website:

Clipboard Help+Spell is a text-based clipboard utility with the following features:
  • Database stores history of all past text clipboard entries for easy viewing, modification, and search
  • Use it for keeping hierarchical notes – search, sort, filter by text, modification date, last view date
  • Super easy and super fast search function – or use complex filters if you need them – you’ll never have a problem finding a note again!
  • Organize your notes and clips any way you want – show them all or view by group or category; view your clips any way you like
  • High-quality spellcheck – underlined mistakes; learning spellchecker
  • Configurable hotkeys for common functions
  • Powerful text formatting options – make your own presets for common functions
  • Simple functions for copying and pasting into and out of other applications 

 Download v1.45.02