This is a useful feature, especially when one is trying to imply that one’s design is still in the conceptual stage. People often see things produced on computers and take them for the literal outcome.

I have observed that sketchy lines do not affect arcs in views, which limits the usefulness of the feature. Text is also not affected, so fonts need to be changed appropriately to add to the sketchy effect

You can go from this:

To this:

First, “Enable Sketchy Lines” in the view’s Graphics Display Options:
Set the parameters:
You may like to set the Course Scale Fill Pattern to a solid grey color for your Course Detail Level for each wall type:
In all of your tags, you may want to use a sketchy font like “Buxton Sketch”
The only workaround for arcs not being sketchy that I know of is to replace them with straight line segments but that is not too practical. (Maybe Dynamo could help with that.) Making door swing lines thicker helps the appearance, somewhat.

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