There are two easy ways of making rendered pano tours out of Revit. One is to use Autodesk’s cloud rendering service. That method is explained my my post at . Another way is to use Enscape. Enscape is a real-time game engine addin for Revit that costs $47 per month. One of its features is making pano renderings. This post describes how to make the renderings and publish them on .

On the Enscape toolbar, under Settings

Set quality to Ultra

Start Enscape and choose a perspective view


Click Render Panorama

Repeat until all the views wanted are rendered

Click Manage Uploads

One-by-one, select each rendering and click the … and save them to a file (Enscape say they may add batch functionality for panos in the future. It already has it for stills.)

Once all the images are save to a folder, upload them to and make a pano tour as described in

Example Tour

Made with Enscape renderings:

Single Quick Pano on Web

Alternatively, if you just want to throw a single pano up that you can look around with on a mobile browser, just click ‘Upload panorama to cloud’  and Enscape will host the image.


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