How to Publish a Pano Tour with Enscape Renderings

There are two easy ways of making rendered pano tours out of Revit. One is to use Autodesk’s cloud rendering service. That method is explained my my post at . Another way is to use Enscape. Enscape is a real-time game engine addin for Revit that costs $47 per month. One of its features is making pano renderings. This post describes how to make the renderings and publish them on .

On the Enscape toolbar, under Settings

Set quality to Ultra

Start Enscape and choose a perspective view


Click Render Panorama

Repeat until all the views wanted are rendered

Click Manage Uploads

One-by-one, select each rendering and click the … and save them to a file (Enscape say they may add batch functionality for panos in the future. It already has it for stills.)

Once all the images are save to a folder, upload them to and make a pano tour as described in

Example Tour

Made with Enscape renderings:

Single Quick Pano on Web

Alternatively, if you just want to throw a single pano up that you can look around with on a mobile browser, just click ‘Upload panorama to cloud’  and Enscape will host the image.


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