Free(ish) Software For the AEC Professional

Here is some software that I like to install on any computer I am using for work:

copy-unc-path adds an item to the right-click menu +of any file in Explorer that copies the text path to the clipboard. This is very useful in Revit and other apps when one has to enter a filename (DWG import, etc.) and saves lots of clicking up and down folders. Installer download…

CCleaner has a startup configurator (turn off bloatware) and is nice for cleaning the Recycle Bin, the Registry, and uninstalling programs among other functions.

Clipboard Help+Spell is a text-based clipboard utility that keeps an accessible list of all of the things that one copies to the Windows clipboard. (Not to be confused with Revit’s clipboard which is separate and has no history). It also has favorite clips, spell check, and change case functions.

On-line Alarm Clock reminds one when to wake up or leave. I also use it to remind me when to move my car in Boston when it’s at a meter. Just don’t leave it unattended because it has a very annoying alarm sound.

Time Card Calculator & Timesheet Manager a great on-line calculator for converting work start and stop times to decimal hours. Bother decimal hours and hours-minutes are shown. on-line invoicing app. Download the PDF of an invoice and edit it if to be cheap; or just send it with the invoicely logo. Caveat is that every invoice gets published to the Web if someone knows their URLs.

Total Commander a super powerful alternative to Windows Explorer. Has a built-in FTP client, too. Search *.00??.r?? to find Revit backups. (Not free per se but has just one nag screen.)

Air Duct Calculator — who needs a cardboard ductulator?

FastStone Image Viewer is a great app there for viewing and light editing of images.

CutePDF free PDF driver

Greenshot a utility for screen captures. Grabbing a rectangular area of one’s screen and putting the image in an email is an effective way of communication. Set it to save a PNG directly to a folder.

CleanMem is good for if one’s PC is running out of RAM when working with large RVTs. It seems to help performance. It can make the difference between painfully slow performance and being able to work if your RAM is limited.

AutoHotkey is a free utility for Windows. With it, one can automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. Repetitive Revit tasks may also be automated. (Probably better to use Dynamo these days.)

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